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'Wellness' at the Hotel Neue Post & Villa Rosa Apartments

Hotel Neue Post Holzgau and Villa Rosa set of apartments in Holzgau

'Wellness' is all about time spent in a calm frame of mind, allowing your body to enjoy tranquility and recharging your batteries? That's especially true after physical activity - such as walking, biking and winter-sports.

Relaxing in our SPA vitality areas fully regenerates you with new strength and is truly a holiday for the body, mind and soul. 

Wellness resources

at the Hotel Neue Post and at the Villa Rosa set of apartments in Holzgau

Finnish Sauna Biosauna
Steam-bath Brine steam bath
Herbal steam bath Infrared booth
Tranquility area "under stars"  

Facilities at Hotel Neue Post

Facilities at Villa Rosa

Massages and wellbeing treatments

Re-establish the harmony of your body and soul!

Let us book an appointment for you for the treatment of your choice. In the attentive care of the massage team, mental blocks and tensions just melt away and you will experience a feeling of deep relaxation, leaving you feeling reborn, ready to discover the next day of your holiday.

Come and let us spoil you with a:

Whole-body massage 50 mins. 59,00
Partial body massage (back and legs) 25 mins. 30,00
Head and neck massage 25 mins. 30,00
Lymph drainage 50 mins. 59,00
Foot reflex-zone massage 25 mins.
50 mins.
Massage of the connective tissue 25 mins. 30,00
Combination massage
Massage of back and foot-reflex-zone
50 mins. 59,00