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Sights worth seeing – all around the Lechtal valley

The Lechtal and its side valleys:

No matter what your eyes focus on, you see nature’s charms. Follow the numerous tributaries into the side valleys, leading to hamlets and localities, to beautiful vantage points surrounded by unique flora and fauna, imposing mountain landscapes, past crystal-clear wild streams, waterfalls and sparkling lakes. Gloriously beautiful routes for hikers emerge from the side valleys: for instance, in the Hornbachtal valley the hikersꞌ route to the Petersberg mountain pasture, or the mountain tour to the Hochvogel at 2,592 m altitude. Via the Namlostal valley, you get to the romantic mountain-pasture village of Fallerschein, to Berwang and Ehrwald with the Zugspitze, Germany’s highest mountain peak. Making your journey through the Bschlabertal, you reach Pfafflar with its old wooden houses that are well worth seeing; in Bschlabs you will find the "Path of the Senses" and, following the road, you will come via the Hahntennjoch to Imst. The Gramaistal valley is home to Austria’s smallest parish, with only 54 inhabitants.

The castle world of Ehrenberg

Ehrenberg was once revered as an unconquerable fortress and the most important customs-point between the northern and southern trading routes. In recent years, the old walls surrounding Ehrenberg were painstakingly restored and the Ehrenberg castle ensemble was made accessible to the public again. The Klause fortress, the ruin of Ehrenberg, the Schlosskopf fortress and Fort Claudia provide visitors with formidable impressions of the Middle Ages. The Castle World of Ehrenberg is suitable as the place to make an excursion, for hikers, for those interested in culture, and also for families – it offers a treasure hunt, a castle playground and Count Rüdiger Museum Rallye. Now in the planning phase: the worldꞌs longest suspended bridge for people travelling by foot, connecting the Ehrenberg fortress and Fort Claudia.

Lechfall close to Füssen

"From its source to where it fall" - that is the slogan for "Lechweg", the long-distance-hikers trail, leading through Lechtal valley to the Lechfall - where the Lech falls. Yet the Lechfall is reachable not only for hikers via the Lechweg trail, but also as a place for an excursion by car. Füssen is reachable in about 55 minutesꞌ drive; to get to the Lechfall, you can directly use the parking opportunities on the L396 (Baumkronenweg / Walderlebniszentrum Ziegelwies) or on the B17.
Right next to the B17, a short steep track leads directly to the bridge that spans the Lechfall. Here you can take a bird’s-eye view of this natural phenomenonꞌs formidable power. The water drops about 7 metres and this fall is subdivided, using several barrages. The Lech’s mass of water descends via this weir; on the bridgeꞌs other side, it steers into the narrow and deep Lech lavine. This geotope is ranked among Bavariaꞌs 100 most beautiful geotopes!
Via the Lechfall, a beautiful round-trip route for hikers leads towards Füssen: the König-Max-Steg. The town of Füssen features a lovely Old City with wells and shops, inviting the visitor to take a delightful leisurely walk around. Immediately close to here there are strikingly beautiful Alpine-foothill lakes, as well as Bavarian royal castles.

The Bavarian royal castles

It is world-famous and the motif for many postcards – the fairytale castle at Neuschwanstein in Schwangau, close to Füssen. It was built by King Ludwig II, as was Linderhof Castle close to Ettal (about 40 minutesꞌ drive from Schwangau). Just a few metres away from Neuschwanstein Castle is the Hohenschwangau Castle, with a direct view out onto the absolutely beautiful Alpine lake, complete with a round-tour path for walkers. The royal castles of Bavaria rank among this regionꞌs most-visited tourist attractions.

Schröcken Adventure Park

Be courageous and look forward to a spectacular natural experience. You leave the Lechtal valley, heading towards Arlberg, and get directly to Schröcken, where a unique adventure and climbing park is located: 30 rope-courses; 3 Flying Fox installations; climbing up to a height of 3 - 15 m; as well as exciting installations for team-based activities - all this awaits in the natural terrain above the Wildbach, up against the rock and in the wall.

Bichlbach Animals and Games Park

There are a few species of creature you would never expect to find in the Alps - but everything is possible! Apart from indigenous wild animals, rabbits, goats, ponies and various species of birds, the Bichlbach Animals and Games Park also has a few exotic creatures. The compound for stroking the animals, a picnicking area and opportunities for games make this park a favourite destination for children.

Innsbruck, capital of the Austrian State of Tyrol

Happy to be called the capital of the Alps, there is much to experience in Innsbruck city. Those preferring cultural pursuits can look forward to museums and galleries; numerous shops and shopping centres are on offer for those who wish to go shopping, as well as the pedestrian zone with the world-famous Golden Roof, St. Annaꞌs Column, the Triumphal Arch and the Baroque church. Whether it is historic walls or modern architecture – the State Capital, Innsbruck, offers it all. Additional tips: the Hofburg, Ambras Castle, the Kaiserjägermuseum and the Circular Painting, the Bergisel ski jump, or taking the modern Hungerburg funicular to the Alpine zoo, at the highest altitude of any European zoo.

Mainau Island

This is the island of flowers, in the middle of Lake Constance, in the corner where Germany, Switzerland and Austria meet. Abundant natural growth is attributable to the favourable Lake Constance climate. In the beautifully-designed gardens and park facilities, you can admire numerous species of plant, foliage and conifers, even Mediterranean plants and palms. Also in store for you are a butterfly house, seasonal gardens, the Mainau farm, an orchid show, the Deutschordensschloss Baroque castle, and the arboretum - some of the trees it houses are over 150 years old.

Visit to the horse-riding facility

Upon request, for horse-loving adults and children, we organise riding classes or respectively opportunities to go out for a ride.