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Wild-water adventure on the Lech

Rafting on the Lech

Experience nature in a special way, get to know the Lech wild river on a rafting adventure. So you have presumably never seen the Lechtal valley from this perspective? Take your place in the rafting boats so you can also discover the inaccessible places on the Lech that can only be explored by boat.

Our rafting specialist - ꞌFun-Raftingꞌ in Häselgehr in the Lechtal valley – offers various rafting tours. These range from a half-day tour through to an all-day rafting adventure, rafting on the Lech or on the Inn river in the ꞌImster Schluchtꞌ ravine, as well as private rafting-tours. The minimum age for rafting-tours is 6 years, the special wild-water equipment - such as neoprene suit, shoes, life jackets, helmet and paddle – is provided for you!

Canyoning on the Lech

Even more adventurous challenge and fun are in store for you with canyoning. In this sport, you cut across ravines, you swim, slide and hop from waterfalls into small ponds, or you travel by cable through the slippery rocks of the numerous ravines in the Lechtal valley and its surrounding area. It is guaranteed to make unforgettable impressions on you! The canyoning tours are bookable as a family tour, a private tour or, depending on the participantsꞌ needs, as a jumping-jack tour, action tour, fun tour or indeed a night-tour.

Here also, our partner for canyoning is the rafting-specialist ꞌFun-Raftingꞌ in Häselgehr in the Lechtal. The special equipment for canyoning is provided!

You can gain more impressions of the wild-water adventures on the Lech river at www.fun-rafting.at!