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Biking in the Lechtal valley

The numerous mountain-biking and standard-cycle routes around the Holzgau in Lechtal valley fully match what you are looking for - whether what you want is to ascend steep passages with a mountain bike or to cycle in a leisurely fashion along the Lech. The Lechtal offers a diverse network of biking routes, meaning that there is something to cater for every wish.

The Lechtal cyclist’s path:

From Steeg to Forchach, the Lech cycling path runs without upward-gradients worthy of mention. That is to say that the Lech cycling path can be explored in a single daily stage, involving a cycling period of approx. 3 hours 45 mins., or broken down into four leisurely subsections of this. For returning to Holzgau you have the option of using public transport free-of-charge with the ꞌLechtal Aktivꞌ card.

Cycling-trail day for connoisseurs:

Each spring, ꞌcycling connoisseursꞌ meet up in the Tyrolean Lechtal Nature Park. The selected trail leads from Steeg to Höfen and comprises approx. 55 km. The destination is the large festival of culinary pleasures, held by the Nature Parkꞌs landlords and restaurateurs: this includes traditional Tyrolean pastries, refreshment drinks, culinary souvenirs and products from the farmersꞌ market.

Bike links:

At our hotel, you can obtain a practical map for cyclists. This includes a map spanning the whole route, 29 route suggestions, including descriptions and elevation diagrams, information about the Lechtal Cyclistsꞌ Trail’s four stages, and Guidelines on ꞌFair-Bikingꞌ.