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Customs and tradition in Lechtal

The sense of connectedness with nature and the passion for tradition do not allow that which is old and is of the past to simply be forgotten. In the Lechtal you will find that customs are alive and well – the bringing down of the cattle from the mountain pasture each year, the church processions, folklore evenings and brass-band concerts: much importance is attached to all of this, and also to the passing-on of old handicrafts and the traditional forms of agriculture still employed in cultivated areas of land.

Holzgau – the village for local-style artistically-painted building facades

Specifically in Holzgau you still find many houses with exquisite, late-Baroque facade paintings. Painstaking restoration work enables these precious works of art to project a new splendour in our own day and age.

Carved art in Lechtal

Primarily in the Alpine region, wood carvings have a centuries-old tradition. Originally, artistically-carved sculptures were only to be found in churches and at other sanctified locations. Figures depicting saints were intended to provide protection and to impart Christian values. Today one can find a particular diversity of carved-art products, whether modern or classic – crucifixes and saintly figures, figures from cribs, ornamental cups, souvenirs, mementos, coats of arms, portraits or carved landscape images. The Lechtal craftspeople have a true mastery of their skill!

Natural cheese dairy, Mountain Hay Museum and medicinal-plantsꞌ school

In the Sojer natural cheese dairy in Steeg, the mountain farmersꞌ fresh milk is used to make delicious cheese, butter, yoghurt and ice-cream. Lechtal‘s Mountain Hay Museum on the Jöchselspitze presents just how laborious and difficult the mountain farmersꞌ lives were in days gone by. That mountain hay and the many herbs on our meadows can also be used for cooking, and indeed even have a therapeutic effect, is something that you can learn about on seminars and on hikersꞌ tours for herb-lovers, arranged via the Lechtal School for Medicinal Plants.

Fallerschein, Tyrolꞌs largest mountain-pasture village

Close to Stanzach in the Lechtal valley, about 34 km from Holzgau, it is worth making a visit to the idyllic mountain-pasture village of Fallerschein. It is a well-loved destination for hikers, mountain-bikers and families. You can reach the mountain-pasture village in a brisk-paced 30-45 minute walk. Fallerschein consists of around 40 block huts; there you can also find 1 Alpine dairyman, 2 stands for traditional snacks and, of course, nature in abundance. In the autumn, from the game-observation stand, you can observe the stags and roe deer as they roam about. 

Geierwally open-air stage

Culture in the Bernhardsschlucht ravine! Built into the rocks in striking fashion and set in an impressive atmosphere, what reveals itself is surely the Alpine regionꞌs most distinctive open-air stage. Anna Stainer-Kittel was born in Elbigenalp and became famous as ꞌGeierwallyꞌ, a character in a novel, and through the famous image of the eagle. You too can attend a theatre performance here and savour an unforgettable moment here.

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