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Hiking in the Lechtal

It would be rather a shame if you were to miss all the wonderful paths for hikers and mountain tours based around the Lechtal Nature Park region. The combination of mountains, forests, green meadows, one of Europeꞌs last wild rivers - the Lech - and the crystal-clear mountain lakes, make the region around Holzgau and the Lechtal valley one of Tyrol’s loveliest areas for hiking.

The Lechweg trail – awarded the designation ꞌLeading Quality Trail - Best of Europeꞌ.

Lechweg, the well-loved long-distance hiking trail, also goes past Holzgau. The Lechweg promises visitors a unique natural experience, as it stretches from the source of the Lech river, in the neighbouring Austrian state of Vorarlberg, through to Lechfall in Füssen (Allgäu region). Its total length comprises approx. 125 km and it can be explored in 15 sections. Progressing along the Lechweg trail, there are plenty of sights to discover, e.g. the local late- Baroque artwork on the housesꞌ facades - also in Holzgau – and the spectacular suspended bridge above the ꞌHöhenbachschluchtꞌ ravine.

Stop off, take a rest and enjoy! You can find mountain huts, richly atmospheric mountain pastures and easy-to-reach hikersꞌ huts in your hikersꞌ trail around the Lechtal valley.

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