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Water fun in the Lechtal

The Lechtal valley is shaped by the Lech, one of Europe’s last wild rivers. The area along the Lech lends itself not only to wonderful hikes and to bike tours; you can also relax here in glorious surroundings and let your soul savour the moment at beautiful riverside spots, including extensive gravelly river-banks. The Lech is not suitable for swimming – however, at the shallow places you can freshen up without any problems and stretch out your legs into the cool water.

Fishing in the Lechtal:

The Lechtal valley has two areas of water for fish, at which fishing is permitted for our hotel guests. Both these areas of water are found in Stanzach (approx. 24 km from Holzgau).

The Lech at Stanzach:
Ideal for fly-fishing, a wide area in which the angler can wade from place to place very well.

The Namlosbach stream at Stanzach:
Initially easy to wade around; later on and upstream it is necessary to be very sure-footed and suitably careful. Width: approx. 8 – 10 m. This waterway features rapid and tranquil stretches, weirs, swirling or eddying basins of water, and hairpin-bends.

Bathing in the Lechtal

On hot summer days it is popular to make a visit to the indoor swimming-pool or the to open-air swimming pool. There are several opportunities for this around Holzgau.

Indoor swimming-pools/open-air swimming pools:

  • ꞌAqua Novaꞌ in Steeg (4.5 km away)
  • ꞌBadolinoꞌ in Vorderhornbach (23 km away)
  • ꞌTherme Ehrenbergꞌ in Reutte (43 km away)

Bathing-lakes close to Lechtal

Combining it with a lovely dayꞌs excursion, you can also visit various natural bathing lakes in the immediate area.

The Plansee lake
Has a connecting channel to the Heiterwanger See and is Tyrolꞌs second-largest lake; it is only approx. 50 km from Holzgau. The lake simply invites you to bathe in it and offers beautiful trails for hikers along the waterꞌs edge. In addition, travelling on this lake with the passenger boat is a special experience.
The bathing shores are in some instances free of charge, at others there is a charge.

A small lake suitable for bathing, close to Reutte, approx. 46 km from Holzgau. The lake is freely accessible for use.

An idyllic lake above Lechaschau, approx. 45 km from Holzgau. Freely accessible, with a beautiful, short hikersꞌ path (a round-trip).

Refreshment in its pure form, at the natural bathing-lake located at Vils/Füssen, approx. 58 km away.