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Cross-country skiing in the Lechtal

There are around 250 km of cross-country trails all around the Lechtal valley. Whether you are young or old, a beginner or a veteran cross-country skier, Holzgau is the ideal starting point for many cross-country skiing routes.

The cross-country trails are prepared daily. You have a choice between classic trails and generously-dimensioned skating areas. The cross-country trails‘ degrees of difficulty range from easy to really challenging; they are rich in diversity and if you are making an extensive tour, the winter-bus brings you back to home-base here in Holzgau.

There are 8 km of cross-country skiing courses in Holzgauꞌs immediate surrounding area; of these, 1.5 km are lit up at night and the region even offers its own ꞌhikerꞌs needleꞌ for this (a token of recognition awarded to accomplished hikers).  

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A sport for true nature-lovers!

Apart from all other factors, cross-country skiing ranks among the healthiest of all sports. The movements make sparing demands on the joints and, simultaneously, cross-country skiing serves as training for strength and stamina. It is the optimum fitness training and winter training for your muscles!