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The Lechweg

approx. 120 km long

The start of the approx. 120 km long-distance hiking trail is situated in the area of the Lech source in the municipality of Lech am Arlberg. The Lech trail leads through the Lechtal-Reutte nature park region and ends at the Lech waterfall in Füssen.

The “Lech trail” has been leading “from the source to the falls” since the 2012 hiking season and allows for easy long-distance hiking through alpine scenery that is one of the few last wild river landscapes in Europe at the same time.

It is also the first long-distance hiking trail across borders and is certified in accordance with European Ramblers’ Association’s common quality criteria.

The long-distance hiking trail leads you from Fromarinsee lake not far from Lech am Arlberg via Warth into the Lechtal-Reutte nature park region until it reaches its final destination at the Lech waterfall in Füssen in Allgäu. It therefore links up the traditions and histories of three regions and two countries.

long-distance hiking Lechweg

Original and natural

The name, Lech trail, is not without good reason: sometimes it’s wild, sometimes gentle, sometimes primordial and natural and full of exciting stories – just like the wild river itself. Starting in Vorarlberg at Formarinsee lake it winds along the Formarinbach stream until it meets the Spullerbach and they merge to become the Lech. The trail leads via Lech am Arlberg, which was chosen as “Europe’s Most Beautiful Village” in 2004, onto the Walser village of Warth where Vorarlberg’s highest situated dairy farm and “Wälder Metzge” butcher’s can be found. It then finally continues into the Lechtal to Steeg and along the Lech as far as Holzgau. You can find quite a few house façades decorated with paintings from the Late Baroque period here.

It then continues over Holzgau’s suspension bridge, one of the Austria’s longest, free pedestrian suspension bridges accessible to the public, which leads over the Höhenbachtal gorge. The alternative route takes you to the home of “Geierwally”, to Elbigenalp. Continuing past the Häselgehr and legendary Doser waterfalls into the region between Elmen and Martinau. Wild growing orchids and a whole variety of butterflies make the trail captivating here. 



The trail leads along the Lech to Stanzach and Höfen. It then crosses the Pflacher Au where an incredible diversity of birds can be discovered. Continuing on towards Alpsee. Here you cross the border into Germany where you can enjoy a stunning view over Hohenschwangau and Neuschwanstein castles. The end of the Lech trail is now in sight. You still have to cross the Kalvarienberg before the trail ends at the Lech waterfall in Füssen.

Hike in the footsteps of the Romans, Swabian children and former rafters. Enjoy the peace and quiet, feel the magic of the Lech, discover the unique flora and fauna and experience unspoilt Tyrol.

The Lech trail and its fairy tale scenery don’t just impress hiking guests but also convinced the European Ramblers’ Association jury. We are proud that the Lech trail has now been awarded with the “Leading Quality Trails - Best of Europe” seal of quality

Holzgau chain-bridge
chain-bridge Holzgau
long-distance Hiking

You can divide the trail into six or eight stages to suit your level of fitness and experience of long-distance hiking. If your desire for more action and adventure should be even greater, there’s the option of conquering individual sections on the Lech by rafting or canyoning. You don’t have to worry about your rest and comfort between the stages as the hiking hosts are all certified in accordance with their own quality criteria. 




We are a Lech trail partner business and are happy to answer any questions you may have about the Lech trail at any time. We will also organise for your luggage to be transported to your next stage finish. The local public transport between the towns along the Lech trail is also very well developed. 


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