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Now and again, a bit more action and adventure is called for. Holzgau and Lechtal offer quite a lot that’s worth seeing. Fancy a bit of an adrenaline rush? Or perhaps some art and culture, tradition or interesting facts? 

Whatever you choose, you definitely won’t be bored here as there’s always something new to experience. Come with us on a journey of discovery and experience exciting moments and an unforgettable holiday in Tyrol with the whole family! 

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Holzgauer suspension bridge

Who will dare to cross the highest and longest free accessible pedestrian suspension bridge in Austria? The new cable suspension bridge spans the wild and romantic Höhenbachtal gorge and offers lots of circular hiking trails for short walks or long hikes.

The crossing over the more than 200 metre long bridge is a very special experience as it is suspended at 110 metres high. The new suspension bridge opens up many new opportunities to explore the magical hiking region around the sunny slopes on the Gföllberg and the sunny plateau in the Schiggenberg combined with the Höhenbachtal and impressive Simms waterfall.

The suspension bridge is situated on one option of the new “Lechweg” trail. The long-distance hiking trail is more than 125 km long and extends from the source of the Lech near Lech am Arlberg to the Lech waterfall near Füssen. For anyone who wants to hike under the bridge through the Höhenbachtal gorge, the famous E5 long-distance hiking trail (Lake Constance-Adria) leads through it.

Whether you just want to go on a short walk, a half-day tour or a day tour – you can walk for as long as you want by combining numerous hiking trails with the suspension bridge. Everyone can find the tour for them here!

Holzgau chain-bridge
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chain-bridge Holzgau

Simms waterfall

The waterfall was named after the Englishman Frederic Simms. He created the approx. 30 metre high waterfall through explosions in the 19th century. It is fed by the Höhenbach. The Simms waterfall is situated in the Höhenbachtal, roughly a 20 minute walk away from Holzgau. 


Many hikes and tours lead past the waterfall. You can observe it up close, for example, from the popular Uta Café.

Adventure via ferrata Simms waterfall

The via ferrata was only officially opened recently. From Holzgau it can be reached really easily in about 20 minutes along the existing hiking trail in the Höhenbachtal.

The via ferrata leads directly around the waterfall along the rocks. Anyone who hasn’t had enough action for the day after climbing, can walk back over the 200 metre long suspension bridge. 

But before you really get started, there’s somewhere to store your backpack in the little bear cave and a small practice via ferrata next to the start. There’s also a place to rope up there. 3 spectacular rope bridges await you on the via ferrata, with two of them leading directly over the Simms waterfall. A real adventure - for climbers and spectators.

Whether it’s as a family or experienced climber, the via ferrata offers three different areas and levels of difficulty. So everyone will find their perfect route here!

Herb hikes in Holzgau

Be enticed into the world of herbs and be amazed at which natural miracle cures can be found here in Lechtal. You learn lots of interesting facts about nature’s treasures on the herb hike.

But what can herbs be used for and how are they used? You find out this and much more at the end of the hike. The herbs you’ve collected together are then made into various products too.

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hiking in Holzgau
herbs hike Holzgau

Adventure park Schröcken

A thirst for adventure, courage and curiosity – that’s what’s called for at Schröcken adventure park. The unique adventure and climbing park is situated in Schröcken and guarantees you a very special experience on the Arlberg. Look forward to a whole lot of variety, fun and excitement in the fresh mountain air!


While you enjoy the unique and idyllic location surrounded by Arlberg’s nature, a high-rope course awaits you that gets adventurers’ pulses racing. 42 rope courses, 3 flying foxes, climbing at 3 to 15 metres high and a mega swing get the adrenaline pumping and guarantee an adventure-packed holiday!

Tyrolean wood craft

Craftsmanship meets a love of art and attention to detail. Not all wood is the same, at least not for Lechtal’s carvers as they conjure wonderful creations up out of it. It requires a great deal of expertise and flair to create something fantastic out of a piece of wood.

Traditional craftsmanship is combined with art in many carving workshops in Lechtal. From sacred carvings to modern sculpture, natural, elaborately painted and even gilded – there are no bounds to the carvers’ creativity.

Geierwally open air theater

The impressive backdrop of the Geierwally open-air theatre is built into the striking rocks of Elbigenalp’s Bernhardstal gorge. It attracts many visitors to Elbigenalp year after year. The theatre is dedicated to Anna Stainer-Knittel from Lechtal. She removed an eagle’s nest in the Saxer'gewänd in Alperschontal at the age of 17 and studied at Munich’s Academy of Fine Arts, which was not open to women back then.

She went down in Lechtal’s history with her strong will and actions. Anna Stainer-Knittel’s life inspired the author Wilhelmine von Hillern and her life served as the basis for the novel “Die Geierwally”. The myth of the “Geierwally” was born and it is not surprising that the theatre has the brave and strong woman from Lechtal to thank for its name.

Geierwally outdoor stage

Ehrenberg Castle Ensemble

Ehrenberg was once considered to be a mighty fortress and important customs post between the north and south trading routes.

The ensemble of castles consists of four different structures:

  • Klause fortifications,
  • Ehrenberg castle ruins,
  • Schlosskopf fortress and 
  • Fort Claudia. 

Together they offer visitors an impressive insight into the Middle Ages.


The castle walls have been elaborately restored over the last few years and made accessible to the public again. Today it is an ideal day trip destination for both hikers and culture lovers and families too.

The world’s longest pedestrian suspension bridge has linked the Ehrenberg castle ruins to Fort Claudia opposite since the end of 2014. The highline 179 is 406 metres long and a permanent member of the “Burgenwelt” family.

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